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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

This past week was way better then my long weekend. I manage to hit the hills even though I was not on a horse. I headed up to Whitemans Pond with my husband. He went up there to meet up with friends to go diving.

The road going up was very rough and there was a lot of traffic. I think everyone had the same idea to get out and hit the mountains. I had never been up this way before and it was beautiful, the sun was out and the lake looked green. I had great opportunities to take photos. To head all this way to dive and get dressed that took them about 2 hours and all this for a 40 minutes diving. It seems strange, but if it something that they love to do then go for it. To me it just seems too long and too much gear to deal with just for 40 minutes in the water.

Later in the week the grandkids and Clare and I, headed out to Big Hill Springs just past Cochrane. It was raining but this did not stop the kids from having a blast running and playing in the water. Kane , of course, fell on his butt and got wet at the beginning of the hike. This did not stop him from having fun. We walked the 3 km trail that was up and down and I think the kids lapped me three times with all their built up energy. As we were heading down the trail Clare slipped on the mud and landed on her butt. she mange to save her water bottle from flying into the air. It was kind of funny to see.

With all this rain that is coming down the kids are having fun going outside and playing. Well, to tell the truth, I think they were just rolling in the mud. They came to the door just covered in mud from head to toe, the really thick mud. I asked Kane if he likes to roll in the mud like a horse does, and he told me that he sure did. Needless to say I stripped him right there at the front door and hauled him over to the tub and doused him down till all the mud was off of him, then Damien was next. Who doesn’t like to play in the mud? I sure know that these two boys sure love it. You would think it would end there, but nope, the next day they were out again but this time they were in their PJ’s and in gum boots. The boys managed to find a puddle that was quit deep. From my understanding Kane kind of pushed Damien into the water getting his boots full of water soaking his feet.

Well Damien did not want to leave it there, so he pushed Kane into the puddle and Kane fell in getting soaked from head to toe, absolutely drenched! Then the war was on and they both ended up soaked from head to toe. As they were coming back up to the house you could hear them sloshing in their boots, and teeth chattering with big smiles on their faces. Once again I had to strip down 2 boys and get them into the shower for a full wash down. Talk about boys being boys wow!

Please keep your stories and poems coming. I am still looking for a few more. So let them be wild and crazy and send them off to me. Need them for my cookbook. If you would like to have a story put in, follow this link , this is where you can send me your stories. You can also email me at with the subject line: Stories & Poems.


I will leave you with these quotes:

“I think I can. I know I can.” Everything that you do or don’t do comes down to confidence. Always believe in yourself even when it’s not easy. – unknown

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” – Pamela Vaull Starr


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