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Work Shop Wild Horses of Alberta

I have workshops planned in both June and September, and these workshops will take place in the scenic foothills and mountain areas west of Sundre, as well as in the South James, Ghost, and Red Deer River regions.

May, 20-22, 2024 – 4 Spots open

June 24-26, 2024 –  4 Spots open

September 9-11, 2024 – 4 Spots open

Participants will be accommodated in a shared three-bedroom cabin with a full kitchen.


The Workshop fee includes the following meals:

  • 2 Hot home cooked Dinner Meals

  • 2 packed Lunches for the trail

  • 2 Breakfast Meals

Participants are kindly requested to inform the Workshop Organizer of any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We will do our best to accommodate your dietary preferences.

For those looking for a personalized experience, I offer the option to reserve a private tour.  To obtain additional details about these personal workshops, kindly send an email requesting information.

Day One

During our photography workshop, on the first day, we gather at noon to embark on an exciting journey. We dive into the intricacies of camera settings and explore the art of composition, unraveling the secrets to capturing magnificent horse shots. Subsequently, we immerse ourselves in the field, dedicating the remainder of the day to discovering and photographing wild horses in their natural habitat.

Day Two

Moving on to day two, our schedule adapts to the dynamic elements of weather and light. We engage in invigorating 3-hour morning and afternoon/evening shoots, offering opportunities to encounter anywhere from 50 to 100 horses daily. Our focus, however, remains steadfast on crafting exceptional shots against picturesque backgrounds. Additionally, each participant enjoys a personalized 45-minute consultation with Barbara, tailored to their preferences, whether it be a portfolio review, guidance in editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom, or a review of the day's captured images.

Day Three

As we approach day three, we continue our photographic journey with a 3-hour morning shoot, savoring the final moments to immortalize the grace of wild horses. Finally, we come together to wrap up the workshop, sharing experiences, questions, and reflections, thus concluding our unforgettable exploration of equine photography.

Please note that the exact schedule is subject to alterations based on weather conditions and field opportunities. Throughout our workshop, our core objective remains consistent: to learn, capture high-quality photographs, and savor the experience of documenting wild horses in their natural habitat.


Please email all documents to
All necessary documents must be signed and submitted to Barbara Bostock before the commencement of the workshop.

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