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Personal Work Shop Wild Horses of Alberta

Embark on a personal adventure with Alberta's magnificent wild horses, as you're welcomed to engage in an exclusive workshop. Immerse yourself in these sessions set amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of the foothills, western mountains near Sundre, and the regions surrounding South James, Ghost, and Red Deer Rivers. As you explore this breathtaking countryside, don't miss the chance to admire the wildlife and the natural beauty of the land. Feel free to get in touch to confirm the dates for your private workshop.


Day One:

On the inaugural day of the photography workshop, our adventure begins at noon. We delve into the nuances of camera settings and delve into the art of composition, uncovering the secrets to capturing stunning images of horses. The rest of the day is dedicated to immersing ourselves in the field, where we explore and photograph wild horses in their natural surroundings.

Day Two:

Moving on to the second day, our schedule adjusts to the ever-changing weather and lighting conditions. We engage in energizing 3-hour morning sessions and afternoon/evening shoots, providing opportunities to encounter anywhere from 50 to 100 horses each day. Our primary focus remains on capturing exceptional photographs set against picturesque backgrounds.

Day Three:

On the third day, our photographic journey continues with a 3–4-hour morning session, allowing us to relish the final moments of capturing the elegance of wild horses. We then come together to conclude the workshop, exchanging experiences, questions, and reflections. Thus, our unforgettable exploration of equine photography comes to an end.

Please be aware that the precise schedule may be adjusted based on weather conditions and field opportunities. Throughout our workshop, our fundamental goal remains unchanged: to learn, capture high-quality photographs, and relish the experience of documenting wild horses in their natural habitat.


Please email all documents to
All necessary documents must be signed and submitted to Barbara Bostock before the commencement of the workshop.

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