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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

This week I am going to tell you about my baking and my photographing. It’s all for my book. Who would of thought that taking pictures of food would not be an easy task. I am not one to do props or staging. I take my photos all spontaneously. This is a whole new challenge for me. And I think I am getting it. Time will tell….

The first pictures that I took or tried to take was Sugar Cookies, and each time I tried to take a picture I had Kane leaning on me wanting to have a cookie. So with him leaning on me this would put me out of position and my shot would not be as I wanted it to be. Then when I would be looking at my pictures to see what I have, and to see if I need to take any more. My cookies would disappear, and not one would admit that they snuck a cookie from my plate (staging plate) even though there would be a crumb trail.

I tried again to get some good pictures of my food. This time I was going to make a Carrot Cake and then take pictures of my Chocolate Chip Cookies. Once again I had Kane right in the picture, or should I say right in the cookies. This time he was waiting patiently for me to give him a cookie. Once I was done with taking the pictures of these cookies I told Kane that he could have a cookie. He was very excited about this. So he grabbed one and I told him that he had to take one for his brother too. When I lowered the plate, so he could another cookie, some how I ended up dropping it all over the floor. So there goes all my cookies. Later in the day I was mixing up my batter for my carrot cake, and I went to put my sugar away now I had a big tub of sugar and again I was all butter fingers and dropped the sugar all over the floor and oh what a mess that was!! The kids thought it was pretty neat they figured that they could help out by sticking there fingers in and liking them off.

When I went to do my pictures for my carrot cake, I end up with icing all over my elbow, and I have no clue how it got there. For some reason I just can’t seem to take a picture of food, without something silly happening. I do say that taking these photos is out of my comfort zone and that I am learning as I go. They are coming out not too bad.

So…to go along with this cookbook of mine I need your stories and poems. I have put in some of my wacky stories so now I need yours. So please go to my webpage, follow this link , this is where you can send me your stories. You can also email me at with the subject line: Stories & Poems.


I will leave you with this quote and a funny one:

What this country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds – Will Rogers

As you get older three things happen. The first is your memory goes and I can’t remember the other two. – Norman Wisdone


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