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Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Lets see here for some reason, I am not sure what to write about or share. Last Friday we had our Ranch branding, nothing too exciting to talk about. This again was a table branding(When will I be able to photograph a regular branding? I don t see it in the cards this year which is kind of sad.) I did manage to ride and I helped sort cows out from the calves. It went really well. They were done with sorting and branding by 2pm. The day was very warm and I think it affected me more then ever before. When I got home I ended up being very sick. Not a good way to end the day. I couldn’t even look at what pictures that I took, that’s how bad I was.

Just down from where we live now, there are some buffalo but they are usually off in the distance or in behind wind board fence. The other day as I drove down past this place I noticed that the buffalo were in a field that was just off from the road. They were way in the back of a field that made it hard to see them, but they were there. When I was driving home from work later that day they were all very loose and scattered about. Close enough for some good photos. I thought to myself, “This is great, I can now go and get some pictures of them.” So I rushed home to grab my camera. When I got back which wasn’t very long, they were all at the other end of the field where you could hardly see them. So there was no photo op, and thinking to myself, ”Really?”. They kept doing this to me for the next week. Every time I drove by without a camera they were all nice and close.

This was usually when I was going to work. Well, finally, the other day when I was heading home from work they were all real close and I was only about 5 minutes away from home.

So when I got home I ran into the house without taking my boots off or saying hi to anyone as they all wondered what I was doing. I grabbed my camera and headed back out to take pictures . When I got back to where they were they were all bunched up together. I was thinking to my self, “Why won’t you guys work with me?”. I did manage to take some pictures. I will still have to try and get the ones that are sitting in my mind.

The next morning heading into work I drove by and they were standing there like how I wanted them to be. As I drove by with no camera cursing at them under my breath, I think they heard me, because they all looked up and watched as I drove by.

I am still open to receiving more of your stories and poems for my

cookbook. I have already put in some of my wacky stories so now I need yours. So please go to my webpage, follow this link , this is where you can send me your stories. You can also email me at with the subject line: Stories & Poems.

I will leave you with these quotes:

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening, that’s where your power is!” – unknown

“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but it’s persistence.” – unknown

“Sometimes you have to let go of the picture of what you thought life would be like and learn to find joy in the story you are actually living.” – unknown

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